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House Rules

Reservations will be confirmed only if the corresponding advance payment has been made, only being only valid for the number of people and dates indicated. The guest must pay the remaining price upon time of arrival, unless previously paid. Should damage occur, the guest will be liable for paying for the repairing of the same or a replacement.

The price includes: electricity, appliances, crockery, cutlery, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, furniture and cleaning before arrival. During the stay, cleaning will be carried out by the guests. In the event of the house being returned in poor condition, cleaning costs will be charged separately, at an agreed price of 100 Euros.

The accommodation will be solely and exclusively occupied by the number of people indicated to the owner. If there is a need to accommodate a larger group of people, the property must be notified in order to authorise their accommodation. If this exception is disallowed and the guests still exceed the established limit, the owner reserves the right to request eviction from the house and its facilities without any type of financial compensation.

Visits and overnight stays by non-guests are not permitted, nor is the organisation of events, except with prior authorisation from the owners.

Guests must act with maximum civility, respecting the environment, cleanliness and order of the house. Should damage occur, this must be communicated to the owners of the house.

- Guests must be careful when consuming electricity, heating, water, firewood, as well as the security of the property, just as they would at home.

Dishes and kitchen utensils must be left clean and put back correctly in their place.

Rubbish generated during their stay at the house must be removed by the guests

Arrivals will take place from 4 p.m. and departures before 12 p.m. (although whenever possible, times may be flexible).

Guests are responsible for keeping the house properly closed in their absence.

Guests must collect their pet’s waste.

The owners reserve the right to review, before the departure of guests from the accommodation, and check if everything is good working condition.

In the event that guests, during their stay, decide to leave the accommodation before the previously contracted date, “Cortijo Alzamigaja” will not return, under no circumstances, the difference in price between the contracted stay and the one enjoyed.

Responsabilities excluded

The theft, loss or damage that guests may suffer during their stay in the rented accommodation.

Power or water cuts.

The breakage of electrical appliances or any other device that is part of the accommodation must be reported immediately to the owners so as to enable them to contact the corresponding technical assistance. The non-assistance by this service will not be reason for any compensation.

Force Majeure, Acts of God or similar that prevent the enjoyment of the facilities of the rural house.

The pool is for private use but the tenant(s) can enjoy it at their own risk.

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